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Ontario Medical Marijuana is the home for more information on Medicinal Cannabis Sativa brought to you  by GreenCross Bioceuticals. GreenCross Bioceuticals is a newly founded , federally incorporated company. Our objective is to become a highly mobile,  vertically integrated biopharm company.


The GreenCross mandate is to produce, license, and market proprietary ingredients; and bio-similar compounds; from the Cannabis Sativa L plant, including its sub-species and hybrids.  These ingredients, bio-compounds, and by-products can be used in the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Agricultural, and Bio-oils/fuels markets, to name only a few.


GreenCross Bioceuticals is presently focused on the research and development of high quality medicinal compounds derived from unique strains in the Cannabis genus. GreenCross is planning to move into the licensing and marketing of products in the 2015 fiscal year.GreenCross is working continuously with selected medical professional and patient support groups to educate communities


GreenCross Bioceuticals is committed to the safe, efficacious and accessible distribution of high quality Cannabis products. GreenCross focuses on a high level of product quality that addresses quality of life, chronic illness and disease through targeted medicinal support and treatment.


In the absence of peer-reviewed and well established horticultural standards in the production of medical cannabis, GreenCross seeks to establish and extend the bounds of sustainable best practices in cultivation, extraction and quality control.